Comic Persona 4TW Additional Add-On pt. 89

6th Oct 2016, 12:00 AM in Persona 4TW Additional Add-On
Persona 4TW Additional Add-On pt. 89
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Strain42 6th Oct 2016, 12:00 AM edit delete
Okay, and now here is where I want to talk about some of my grievances with this plot. For those of you that don't remember, Arena is the story of Labrys. It's her story. Every character interacts with her, every character helps her grow, the other characters are merely there to guide her through her own story.

Likewise, I think much of Ultimax is the story of Sho. I mean the very first chapter of the very first story opens with him in the Velvet Room. He's kind of a big deal. Together, this arc between the two games is supposed to be about Labrys and Sho. Like I have Labrys say in the comic here, the parallels between Labrys and Sho are almost identical to the connection between Yu and Adachi. Both had very similar pasts, similar experiences, similar...well lotsa stuff. The original P4 even says that if Adachi had friends, maybe he wouldn't have turned out that way. Likewise we can imagine that Yu may have turned out like Adachi if he hadn't made friends.

Sho and Labrys are the same. They were both raised and mistreated by the Kirijo group, they both had their moments of wanting to tear everything down and make everyone feel as bad as they did. They even have the new parallel of Sho and Minazuki sharing a body just like how Labrys now does with her Shadow. Labrys is far more suited to deal with Sho. She truly feels like the one character who could reach him, connect with him, and help him realize that things can be different, and in the Persona 3 side of the story she does.

...but apparently the writers of the game have basically said that whenever elements of the story contradict each other the P4 side is the canonical one, so all of this interesting potential between Labrys and Sho, is considered non-canonical in the face of the pretty boy protagonist going "Hey...friendship is awesome."

And that makes me I opted that in this version Yu just wanted to form a new Social Link, because they give him power.

Sorry I got a little ranty on this one.
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Passerby 12th Jan 2018, 1:40 AM edit delete reply
That's actually a frank and rather meaningful criticism. There really are too many parallels between Labrys and Sho for it to feel right for Yu to wrap things up, especially as a recurring element in the narrative up to that point had been to trust in his friends to be able to handle things without him instead of being just their crutch like Minazuki kept implying.
Rancid Gravy 23rd Jan 2018, 1:07 PM edit delete reply
i agree completely with you. The battle in p3 side (& afterwards) was best for me
imo it would have been great if the true ending was that both Yuu and Labrys fought (as Yuu's got the Wild Card and Kagutsuchi is one hell of a thing for one person); but if Labrys was finally the one that truly could connect with Sho and make him change :^(
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