Comic Mt. Iwato pt. 5

30th Jan 2015, 12:00 AM in Persona 2 Win - Innocent Sin
Mt. Iwato pt. 5
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Strain42 30th Jan 2015, 12:00 AM edit delete
They never actually SHOW Maya wearing her mask, but apparently she did have one. Also I guess I'll use this comic as a reminder to anyone playing the game, search this dungeon extensively. You have to collect all four masks in this dungeon if you want to get people's Ultimate Personas, and they're in secret rooms. The rooms are pretty easy to find though, so that's good. Just check the walls.
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ghostfreak3012 21st Feb 2015, 10:56 PM edit delete reply
"Look Maya, even yours is here..."
Yet they do not learn that Maya = big sis till Mt. Iwato pt. 8
Strain42 23rd Feb 2015, 4:08 PM edit delete reply
Good point. I'm pretty sure that's my mistake, not the game's. I'll go back and make some changes to this. Thanks for the heads up.
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